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A limited number of boarders are accepted. Owners must be registered in Centaur’s lesson programs. Our recipe for keeping our horses happy and healthy involves keeping them in large pastures in mixed herds with 24/7 turn-out. They are fed top-quality hay and have free-choice minerals. They always have access to heated water and a large shelter, deeply bedded in straw. The professional handling as well as the interaction between the horses make for well-adjusted behaviour and happy horses. They are wormed and vaccinated as needed. Call or email for rates.

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Horses are accepted for training. Danika Guertin-Pierson is our head trainer. Call or email for rates.


Homeopathy is used in the care of the Centaur herd. Courses are also given in the use of homeopathy for family and pets. Here is one of many success stories:

Homeopathy at a Horse Show

At the Ottawa Dressage Festival I had a homeopathic first aid kit with me. We used, with success, Gelsemium to calm two nervous horses and one very nervous rider, Glonoine to get rid of one groom’s headache (remember the terrible heat wave we were in?), Cantharis to get rid of one coach’s (me) sunburn. Everything was successful. Both horses, who had been exhibiting signs of nervousness by frequently passing loose manure, became much calmer. The Cantharis used both topically as a lotion (diluted MT) and internally as granules completely took care of the sunburn. In fact the lotion instantly soothed the burning feeling. The Glonoine worked within 20 minutes. This young lady commented that she frequently got headaches from the sun and no conventional medications had ever helped her. This was her introduction to homeopathy.

But the best story has to be the spectator who had injured her tail bone in an accident five days before. Her doctor had put her on painkillers. The morning of the horse show she had not taken them because they made her very sleepy and she wanted to be able to enjoy the day. So she was walking extremely slowly and with much pain. After explaining to her about homeopathy she agreed to try Hypericum 30 CH. One hour after taking it, she came to see me and demonstrated leg squats to show me how much better she already was. The next day, she was even better. She came to see me a few days later at my stables and I gave her another dose of the same remedy (200) to take in a week if any of the symptoms persisted. When I next saw her, she was completely cured. She was amazed at how well and completely her problem was fixed, and with no side-effects. She never needed the painkillers after the initial dose.


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